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Jose Silva is the World's Number 1 Researcher and pioneer in the Mind Training Field
Free Samples of the groundbreaking Silva UltraMind ESP Systems Complete Home Seminar      Thank you for obtaining these Free Samples of Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP Systems, and congratulations on taking this first step to make the rest of your life the best  of your life.      In these Free Lessons you will learn from the leader in the mind training field how to find the powerful Alpha Brain Wave Level and use it to help you: Develop and use your natural God-give intuition to help you make better decisions and correct all kinds of difficult problems Maintain perfect health Enjoy fulfilling and beneficial relationships Acquire the money and resources that you need for yourself and your family Succeed at your mission in life You will learn specific techniques to help you: Relax and relieve stress to improve your health, your relationships, your abundance and prosperity, and your success in life Use the Alpha Level to detect and analyze information better so that you will make more correct decisions and be right more often Use visualization and imagination to correct problems and to program yourself for success Detect hidden information with your natural God-given intuition Obtain guidance and help from higher intelligence to make sure that you are doing the right thing Achieve success in fulfilling your unique purpose in life Learn from the acknowledged leader in the field      You are just moments away from joining Jose Silva in class and sitting at the feet of the master, the scientist who is responsible for the consciousness movement of the late 20th Century.      It was Jose Silva who succeeded where everyone who came before him had failed when he found a way to teach all of us how to use our mind the way the ultra successful people do. Why are some people so successful?      If you are like me, you have probably wondered about the great mystery of life:      Why do some people seem to have all the luck, while others have hardship, disappointment, and failure?      Throughout history we see that many of the ultra successful people started life with some sort of a handicap: They were born into poverty, had little formal education, didn’t know any influential people, and some even had severe physical handicaps.      The one advantage that they all possessed is in how they use their mind. Researching the “secret of success”      Ultra successful people seem to have a “6th sense” that guides them, helps them make the correct decision 4 out of 5 times, and to know the best way to overcome obstacles and correct abnormalities.      Napoleon Hill, who spent 20 years studying the most successful people in the world, observed this difference back in 1928 when he wrote:      “The individual who discovers a way to stimulate his mind artificially, arouse it and cause it to go beyond this average stopping point frequently, is sure to be rewarded with fame and fortune if his efforts are of a constructive nature.”      But Hill never found the answer.      Neither did Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University who spent 40 years studying natural psychics.      Dr. Rhine proved that ESP is real, and he mistakenly thought that if you didn’t have it naturally, you were just out of luck because he believed - incorrectly - that it couldn’t be taught. Primary Perception      In 1966, the same year that Jose Silva taught his first public class, a polygraph (lie detector) expert in New York City made a startling discovery that changed his life and contributed major unexpected benefits to researchers studying human consciousness.      "For whatever reason,” Cleve Backster said, “it occurred to me that it would be interesting to see how long it took water to get from the root area of a plant, all the way up the long trunk and out and down to the leaves."      So he connected the galvanic skin response section of a polygraph onto a leaf of a dragon tree plant in his office, poured water into the pot and sat back to watch and see what happened.      The plant reacted, but not the way Backster expected. “The tracings on the printout had the contour of a human being tested,” he said, “reacting the way a person does when you are asking a question that could get them in trouble.      "I began to wonder what I could do that would be a threat to the well being of the plant, similar to the fact that a relevant question regarding a crime could be a threat to a person taking a polygraph test if they're lying.”      The idea occurred to him that he could burn the plant. That’s when it happened:      "I didn't have matches in the room,” he said. “I wasn't touching the plant in any way. I was maybe five feet away from the desk. I was essentially away from the plant.      "The only new thing that occurred was my intent to burn that plant leaf.      "In an instant, when I thought of burning that plant leaf and the image entered my mind, the polygraph went into a wild agitation.      "Now this was very late at night and towards morning. The building was empty and there was just no other reason for this reaction. I thought, 'Wow! This thing read my mind!' It was that obvious to me right then, and my consciousness hasn't been the same since.” You can read more about this work on the Primary Perception page. Successful executives possess superior precognition      In the 1960s a group of scientific researchers at the Newark College of Engineering in New Jersey (now New Jersey Institute of Technology) spent 10 years studying business executives to learn what was different about the ones who made the most money for their companies.      Their research found that the more successful they were, the more precognition they had - they made better decisions because they seemed to have a “6th sense” about what the future held.      The story of their research is in our newest book, Jose Silva’s Everyday ESP. You can read the details of Prof. Mihalasky’s research project on the Executive ESP page. Why doesn’t everybody function this way?      Napoleon Hill and Dr. Rhine and the Executive ESP researchers could observe the “success factor” in action, but they couldn’t teach anyone how to do it.      Napoleon Hill proclaimed that, “The educator who discovers a way to stimulate any mind and cause it to rise above this average stopping point without any bad reactionary effects, will confer a blessing on the human race second to none in the history of the world.”      The educator who did it was Jose Silva. Scientist discovers the “secret of success”      Jose Silva's life has transcended time and space to become one of the world's all time great success stories.      Orphaned at age 4, he never attended school a day in his life as a student; yet the reading and research that he undertook to help his own children, led him to discover the hidden secrets of the mind and human potential.      His experience as an electronics technician, along with his study of psychology, hypnosis, and music, gave him a unique set of tools that allowed him to see the actual interaction of the electronic frequencies of the brain, with the functioning of the mind and human behavior.      Jose Silva's 22 years of dogged determination to dig out these secrets has literally changed the world.      He actually found the secret of success.      He first started working with his own children in 1944, then in the 1950s and 1960s helped his neighbors learn how to actually use the untapped power of their minds to get whatever they needed. While he never asked them to pay him, he was rewarded greatly with more knowledge on this subject than anyone else on the planet.      He began offering the Silva Mind Control Method to the public in 1966, and by 1997 it was being taught in more than 100 countries, in 29 different languages, and millions of people have benefited.      This man with no formal schooling wrote the book on mind development - in fact, he's had more than a dozen books published by major publishers, in two dozen languages.      Prior to his passing in 1999 he developed a new course - actually more than a course, he calls it a System: The Silva UltraMind ESP System.      In addition to helping people develop and use their own God-given intuition, Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System includes a new scientifically-based technique to communicate with higher intelligence regularly and reliably to obtain help and guidance in carrying out your mission in life. What if you could actually join Jose Silva in class today      While Jose Silva may have moved on to new assignments, Avlis Productions is dedicated to keeping his original, authentic, unaltered work available, both in live seminars and in convenient home study courses.      While others have altered his work and are teaching spin-offs that are based on his work, we feel that the original is still the best, that it is still best to learn from the master and that is what you can do starting right now:      To learn more from Jose Silva, you are invited to join him in class in this special video, as he tells the exciting story of how he got started in his research, what he learned, and how you can benefit from it. Start now      To start now, please click here or on the image >>>
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Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Jose Silva, the founder of The Silva Method, is a man I have admired for a long time. I have used The Silva Method of visualization for many years. It has helped me overcome illnesses and accidents and avoid surgery. I urge you to attend Silva training sessions. -Wayne W. Dyer, author of Real Magic
Shakti Gawain "The most important technique I learned in The Silva Method was creative visualization... I found that it was amazingly effective." - Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization
Mark Victor Hansen "If you can count, you can count on the Silva Sales Power Method to skyrocket your sales. This teaches how to sell your way through the top. Learn to enjoy success, achievement and all the benefits of the good life like time, money and lifestyle freedom while selling yourself by Silva's ideas."   -Mark Victor Hansen, motivational speaker, sales trainer, and author of Chicken Soup for the Soul
Danielle Kennedy Danielle Kennedy, Author of Selling-The Danielle Kennedy Way, says about Jose Silva’s Sales Power book, “Buy the book and do what it says."
Calvin Poole MD Something seems to be happening, I am not sure what, but luck seems to be improving and the daily worries don't seem to be getting to me. Even had the comment that I looked happier than I had in a long time. Headaches are almost gone, too. I seem to have more endurance than I have had since the accident 2 years ago. I do contribute that to the System. The brain power seems to be back to normal. Like I said, I don't know HOW it works, but it does. -Calvin Poole, M.D., Mississippi
Author Wayne Dyer has used Silva techniques to help him in many ways Best Selling Author Shakti Gawain found Silva "amazingly effective" Mark Victor Hansen says Silva leads to success and many benefits Author Danielle Kennedy says to buy Jose Silva's book and do what it says Dr. Calvin Poole finds that his luck is improving Authors Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain, Deepak Chopra and others have praised Jose Silva work Click on image for Jose Silva video
Cleve Backster To read Cleve Backster’s report on his Primary Perception research with plants, please click here.
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Prof. John Mihalasky To read Professor Mihalasky’s report on the PSI Communications Project, please click here.
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Joe Girard "I love it, fantastic, a much needed book to make you become the World's Greatest Anything."   -Joe Girard, number one automobile and truck sales person in the world and author of How to Sell Anything to Anybody
Joe Girard, world's Number 1 Salesman, says Silva helps you become Number 1 at anything
Dr. O. Carl Simonton The Silva Method gave me a tool to use in teaching the patient how to begin the interaction and how to become involved in his own health process. I would say that it is the most powerful single tool that I have to offer. -Dr. O. Carl Simonton, author of Getting Well Again
Dr. O. Carl Simontol used what he learned from Jose Silva to help heal cancer patients
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